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Filson Wheeled Duffle
Extra Large

If men from the Klondike Gold Rush could leap from 1897 to today, what bag would they chose to take back with them? We think they'd pick Filson's Extra Large Rugged Twill Wheeled Duffle. 105 years of Filson heritage are built into this extraordinary bag...a heritage of making nearly indestructible products to withstand continual use on the move under the most arduous conditions. This bag is huge, with a capacity of 6,523 cubic inches. Inside are two extra pockets for keeping small items separate. Constructed to the same meticulous standards with the same tough materials as Filson's other Rugged Twill luggage, this bag will take about anything you can throw at it. Clean by wiping or brushing only--gains character with use.

Style #284 - Extra Large Rugged Twill Wheeled Duffle
100% cotton Rugged Twill 22 oz.
Genuine Bridle Leather
Filson Extra Large Rugged Twill Wheeled Duffle
Style #284

This item has been discontinued