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Filson Outfitter Sweater

Our heavyweight sweaters are knit using twice as much wool as you'd expect in sweaters of this type. We use only 100% Merino wool from hardy sheep renowned for long, fine wool that's soft yet strong. Those strong wool fibers are carded and combed in parallel fashion, then twisted hard during spinning to create worsted yarns of even more strength and smoothness. (Worsted wool is known for its tightly-spun yarns, creating a smooth finish and long wear. Our specially milled worsted yarn is extra heavy and tightly knit, giving a firm finish, with exceptional warmth and durability.) Finally, Filson knits those yarns very tightly for a firm finish that wears extremely well.

Naturally warm, naturally water repellent

This finish is not only pleasing to the touch but actually enhances the natural water repellent properties of the wool fibers. Whether worn as an outer garment or inner layer, our 100% Merino virgin wool sweaters will exceed your expectations for performance and longevity. They will last a lifetime and, we believe, may be handed down to future generations.

Oil Finish Cover Cloth over the upper body adds protection against the wear of backpack and camera straps, blocks wind and rain, while retaining flexibility. Button front lets you adjust ventilation for maximum comfort. Made in USA of US wool and imported cotton. Machine wash cold, inside-out, dry flat.

Style #710 - Outfitter Sweater
100% Merino Virgin Worsted Wool
100% Cotton Cover Cloth, Oil Finish - 6 oz.
Filson Outfitter Sweater
Style #710

This item has been discontinued

Color: Navy with Otter Green Cover Cloth