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Filson Wool Shirt
Original Classic Straight Collar

You won't believe how nice this shirt is until you put it on. And when you do, you'll never want to take it off. Exceptionally smooth and supple, Filson starts with long, fine, Merino worsted yarn for strength and smoothness. Filson gives that yarn a very tight "worsted" twist for a firm finish. Then, Filson weaves it into a dense twill serge for greater warmth. The result: a practical, mid-weight Merino wool that will exceed your expectations for performance and longevity, and will deliver unparalleled comfort.

Well-suited to a wide range of activities and temperatures
The combination of cut and fabric make this shirt comfortable the first time it's worn--and for many years to come. You'll experience unexpected freedom of movement across a wide range of active motion. And you'll find yourself staying comfortable in temperature ranging from warm to cold...because wool continues to be nature's miracle fiber, and the fabric of choice for serious outdoorsmen. Wool will absorb as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture without becoming damp or clammy, keeping you comfortable even when very wet from rain or strenuous exertion.

Style #12001 - Classic Straight Collar Original Filson Wool Shirt
100% virgin Merino wool, 13 oz.
Classic Straight Collar Original Filson Wool Shirt
Classic Straight Collar
Original Filson Wool Shirt
Style #12001

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